Guidance for IT managers tasked with optimizing client systems

Triangulum is focused on helping enterprise users and managers to create business advantage through the use of today’s powerful web, mobile and desktop applications. Triangulum offers IT managers guidance in optimizing client systems. Triangulum also helps businesses transform the employee and customer experience through new collaboration platforms.



Triangulum is a cloud-based customer service platform and contact center. The SaaS solution can support multiple communication channels, including inbound and outbound voice, social monitoring, email and forums, as well as quality control, knowledgebase, service desk and surveys. The case tracking can be used for end-to–end reporting and can scale up or down to meet business fluctuations. Triangulum supports high availability as well as failure resilience. Automated intra-day service activation is possible with the tools provided.

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We offer software solutions that cover industry-specific and unique functions. It doesn’t require complicated customization, which is often the case for market-available software products.

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A strong integrated strategy will give you an advantage over your competition. It will combine content marketing, research and technical SEO. All of it is a single strategy.

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